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   After shoeing and training horses for 50 plus years my wife Jackie and my self came back to Willcox Az. in 2012 where we have a small place of 75 acres. We were at the race tracks around the country.

    One day I found the forge and anvil I had been shoeing horses with when I started shoeing in Missouri. I got them out and started making some hooks for my shop. 

   Now we have a tack repair business, a 12 x 30 foot blacksmith shop. I still shoe a horse once in awhile. Not as many as I use to.

    We have a cargo trailer that we go around to places and sell my blacksmith art work and rope baskets and some of our leather work. We mostly are in Arizona and a few places in New Mexico

     If you have an idea or design give us a shout. Just go to the contact page call or e-mail us . Thanks for looking at our web site.


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